What Is In A Name

The Cambridge Dictionary describes a ‘name’ as ‘a word that a person, thing, or place is known by.’ William Shakespeare once wrote “What is in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Does our name really decide who we are? Would I be different if I were to have a different name?

Shakespeare’s words have always resonated through my mind. How differently would the story have ended if she wasn’t a Capulet and he wasn’t a Montague? Would their story have a happy ending? What would happen if that were true? The story of Romeo and Juliet holds an important place in many people’s lives and if the story did have a different ending, would it not drastically change those lives?

I have always wondered why we decide to call a certain thing by the names we call them. Why is a pen called a pen? What if a pen was called pencil, would it not write with ink? What if we call a pencil a pen, would it not write with lead? What is in a name that gives things so much power? And why is it even called a ‘name’?

We all know that everything happens for a reason and in the chain of events, even the smallest change can cause a domino effect. So, can’t the change in the name have the same effect?

The world is how it is, and everything has its own sense of uniqueness. And a name just adds own to a unique world. I can’t imagine a world where names don’t exist. Names give us a sense of belonging. There is more to a name. Our name tells the world who we are. It gives us an identity that we are expected to uphold. A name has more value than it is given credit for.

I cannot imagine living a life with somebody else’s name. How could we live our lives when we lose our sense of originality? My name is Ashmita Ghosh and having to live with another name seems like something entirely crazy.

A name plays a huge role in the grand design of the universe. Our names just add on the unique personalities each of us has.

What’s in a name? Our identity, our sense of self, and even our personality start with something as simple as just a name.

Unity in Diversity

As humans, we are available in many shapes and sizes. But beyond all our differences, we are all one.

During my Biology finals in Grade XI, I came across an image and inspiration struck. 

If you think about it, the human body has so many different organ systems in our body and they're all so different, yet, there is something amazing about how it all works together.

The circulatory system pumps the blood which helps in transportation of both oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.

Without one organ system, the others would be useless.

So why not see the society like that?

Why should it matter if a person is different from us? Why look at a person's religion, caste, gender, skin color? Are we not all humans?

If the human body started to discriminate, we'd all be dead. Think of it this way, our circulatory system is a white person and our respiratory system is a black person.

If our heart refuses to pump the blood to our lungs, then our blood would never be oxygenated and it doesn't take a genius to understand that it would be fatal.

The human society is a lot like the human body, everything and everyone is connected to one another and everyone is equally important.
A man and woman should be seen as equals, just as we see our neural and endocrine system.

It is impossible to survive without all the different organ systems, then how do you expect to survive without all the different aspects of society.

As much as I would love to say that in today's world everyone is equal, we all know it isn't true. Even though female foeticide is illegal, it still happens. People don't think girls are worth as much as boys and to those people, I'd like to say one think, if it weren't for your mother, you wouldn't be alive.

Sexism isn't the only horrifying truth of this world that still exists. People to this day are racist. Why is it right to judge someone on the basis of their ethnicity?

Just think of it this way, if our body doesn't discriminate, why should we?

Stand up for those who are mistreated. Do the right thing.

Stand united in the face of discrimination and maybe one day, we'd have a world where everyone is equal.

We'd never achieve world peace until we can finally get over the social norms. Don't let society tell you what's right and wrong. Be who you want to be and make your own choices.

Don't let the fear of being judged make you do something in life you don't believe in. Choose your own religion, choose your own path in life, choose who you love regardless of gender, and don't let gender roles define what you do in life.

Don't be afraid to do a man's job just because you're a woman. Choose what you want to do and do it. Don't let the society tell you it's wrong for a man to work in fashion or not work at all. I'm not saying you don't need to work, I'm just saying don't listen to people when they say it's a woman's job.

Don't be afraid to be who you are.

It doesn't matter what you do as long as you were the one that made the decision. This world is going to judge you but unless you are who you are, you will regret the life you lived based on other's decisions.

I'd like to say one thing, though. It doesn't matter who you are, I'll support you no matter what (unless you chose the path of violence and substance abuse, which I definitely don't condone. That is definitely something every human being to stay away from). 

I'll support you like my heart supports my brain by providing it with blood.

Let's stand united even though we're all different and support each other.

Make the human society like the human body. The human body is a something we can be proud of, let's make our society something we can be proud of too.

I'd like to make one request; let's all be Equalists.

Internet: The Web of Life

As members of the Global Village we call earth, we can all agree the internet has connected us in ways no one could have imagined.

It’s hard to find a teenager who isn’t dependent on the internet for something or the other. The internet provides us with a platform where everything is possible. It allows us to share our passion, meet our needs, and learn about the world. The internet has become a source for us to express ourselves and reach others who understand us. There are so many places on the internet where we can find an outlet to be ourselves without the fear of judgment.

There are numerous sources that allow us to connect with people around the world and bridge the gap the oceans form between us. The millennial world is a filled with people who live fast paced lives and the only thing that can keep up with our ever-changing schedule is the internet. People from all around the world move away from home for the sake of their career and the internet ensures that they do not lose contact with their family. Personally, the internet has played a huge role in connecting me with my friends from different countries. My best friend lives so far away from me and yet because of the amenities the internet provides, I can keep in touch with her.

Communication isn’t the only thing that internet has improved. Education is something that has immensely improved since the genesis of the internet. The Internet has always been the source I turn to when I need help with my studies. There are numerous websites where experts take time out of their busy schedule to help students like me. One of my favorite online study programs is EdX. The challenge that the courses at EdX provides us with is something that has immensely helped me improve my scholastic performance. In India, there is a website called Meritnation that helps tutor students. These sources help us, as students, improve our skills and provides the right kind of help.
The connection that the internet has formed between people from around the world through websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. has brought so many cultures together as one. These websites allow us to understand things from someone else’s perspective and see things through their mind’s eye. The platform these websites provide their users not only connect them with others around the world but also help them discover themselves. I found my calling through a website called fan-fiction.net where I first found the courage to write. It is because of sources like these people gain the confidence to follow their dream. It is because of the internet that I had the courage to post the novel I wrote on my website.

The internet brings us closer and helps us understand who we are. It not only helps us develop our self-identity but also shows us the value of unity. It helps us understand people from across the world and helps us see what makes them who they are. You can see the world through your computer screen and gain something irreplaceable, an insight into the lives of those thousands of miles from you. The internet is a wonderful gift that makes everything easier. Features like e-mails, e-shopping, e-banking bring the world into the palm of our hands.

The internet is like a spider web that holds our entire world together. So, cherish the glue that makes our generation unique and let it bring together different cultures in ways we cannot imagine. 

Shadowhunters: S01E13 Morning Star

Season Finale!

Over the years I have come to expect a lot from season finales and honestly I wasn't wowed.
I mean the episode wasn't bad but it wasn't on the edge of my seat amazing.

Firstly, I like that the show has originality and has it's own identity but it's kind mixing things together in such a way that somethings don't make sense. Like why the hell would Camille have the book? I mean Jocelyn would've been more careful with it. Common sense. She would never have let Dot sell it, not to Camille.

Then we wake her up, this early in the game. That would mean Clary finds out Jace isn't her brother soon. Sorry for spoiling those who didn't know. But its kind of obvious.

Anyways, Clary finding out Jace isn't her brother would mean two books worth of angst would vanish but if Jocelyn doesn't know, highly unlikely, I have no idea how that would play out.

In this episode Jace acts so weird. I get that he upset about being Valentine's son but the way he acts is kind of like he did after Angel Ithuriel showed them what he did. Speaking of Ithuriel, stupid angel that keeps getting captured, does he make an appearance? Cause in giving Camille the book and waking Jocelyn up we kind never really have to go to the Wayland Mannor. So what happens with him?

And in this episode we also start to the whole Malec dynamic and the issue they start to have in CoFA, I totally want to know what happens. I mean post everything, how does Magnus cope. Also, what is Max's fate in the TV Show. I feel like they'll stay true to the original thing but I wish they don't.

I think they to squeeze a lot in a few episodes, come on, 13, really. It's a 300+ pages book and they merged more than one book, so, putting all that in 13 episodes was impressive and I'm sure the next season will exceed my expectations.

Also. As much as I wish I could give this episode a 5 star, I am not really it deserves 4 stars. There are just too many plot holes that need to be fixed. Now on to the positives.

I loved that scene where Alec pulled Clary away from the portal. Some you must think I crazy to make a fuss out of it but to me it's the start of a friendship. It shows that Alec is warming up to her and actually protects her. And I don't think it was because of Jace.

I also love the scene where Jocelyn wakes up. Clary's warm reception to her mother waking up is what I expected in the book and at least it happened here. I'm awaiting the whole Jace Jonathan revelation. Also, excited for some Lukelyn in the next season.

Okay, if Jocelyn tells Clary about Jace not being her brother, we wouldn't have Climon. I'm a total Clace shipper but if we don't have Climon, Simon would never truly move on! And then Sizzy would never happen!

Again. So many questions.

I'm excited for season two and can't wait for it to air!

May the Angel bless you!

Descensus facilis Averno est

PS. #ShadowhuntersFandomUnited

Shadowhunters: S01E12 Malec


It was like I could finally breathe. Ever since Alec proposed to Lydia, it has been like an internal war for me. I kept telling myself he'd find his senses and realize what he was doing and do the right thing. And he did. It was right at the last moment. Like literally the very last moment.

Also, the TV Show kind of answered one of my questions. How did they apply the wedding runes? They said that one rune was over the heart and the other on the arm so according to this the stele kind of absorbs the rune and maybe it just appears over the heart? I mean it's not like they'll open their shirts in front of everyone! I do hope we get to see a full shadowhunter wedding in the show soon so we can actually see the exchange of runes.

Now. Robert and Maryse's reactions. It kind of feels as if their roles are kind of reversed. Maryse was the more understanding parent in the books and actually seemed to care about her children instead of just family honor. In the TV Show, Robert seems to be more understanding unlike book Robert. It's not that I had a problem with that, it's just an observation.

I love that Alec and Jace finally made up. Here's the thing, Parabatai fight. They definitely fight but they never act the way Jace and Alec did towards each other. They trust each other more than anyone else. I like that Jace told Alec he was falling for Clary and Alec didn't make him feel bad about it.

Oh and that scene with Simon, Magnus, Alec and Izzy! Oh my god! I loved Simon in that scene. Right after Izzy tells Alec she's proud of him Simon joins them. And his analogy about Malec with those movie characters. It was amazing!

I wasn't a huge fan of Clace in this episode. Things were so awkward between them and I think it was portrayed well because of the situation but it still was awkward. Let me clarify, I think the actors did a wonderful job and made everything so believable but I'm still going to cringe everytime I see Clace as siblings, no matter how good the scene.

One thing I didn't like about this episode was that some of Izzy and Clary's dialogue's were a little stiff.

Also, Ragnor. It really hurt to see him die, I was heartbroken for Magnus. They were such old friends. And my heart just about melted when Magnus held Ragnor in his arms and called him that nickname from the Bane Chronicles. And there were other references too, the one with the instrument and Magnus's ex lover. I don't think one episode with him is enough but things happen. We never got to see him and Raphael. That would've been appreciated too. Also. I was a little disappointed that he didn't have green skin. He had the horns but not the green skin! :(

Anyways. Just one episode left before series finale and I really hope I can give the last episode 5 stars!

May the Angel bless you!

Descensus facilis Averno est

PS. #ShadowhuntersFandomUnited

Shadowhunters: S01E11 Blood Calls To Blood


They did it! They adopted the sibling line into the TV Show. Also, I called it. I said it was going to happen in this episode! I knowing the outcome, I'm not that terrified, but I'm still scared. I'm scared about how they are going to spin it, I scared about the nonreaders' reaction. I really hope they continue on, believe me, it's amazing.

I'm really excited to see how things start to unfold.

There are somethings that bug me though:

1. Alec. In the beginning of the series I loved Alec but he kind of doesn't seem like a Parabatai anymore. I know he's mad and he has every right to be. I want him to kick Jace in the nuts for being so one track minded and not thinking about him and Izzy but he's Jace's parabatai. They forgive each other and Alec is also being stupid about the whole Lydia thing. Every episode I feel like screaming at him and telling him to choose Magnus.

2. I hate the Luke reacted to Clary and Jace being related. He is supposed to love Clary and be on her side. She's in such a state of duress and he tells Simon she's single? Yeah, go ahead. The guy she loves is her brother (Not really but you don't know that!). Take a chance!

3. I hate the Clave. I hate it everywhere. I hate the book and the TV Clave. They're awful! The law can go to hell!

Anyways. Back to the episode. I don't understand why they didn't just call Magnus. He could've healed Jace but I have to admit seeing that side of Simon was nice.

Speaking of Simon, when are we going to get some Sizzy? I hope it does happen though!

Now Valentine. When we met Michael Wayland in the last episode, I kind of expected it. I mean this was too big a deal to ignore. I love that the TV Show is keeping true to the book even though they have their own flare.

In this episode we see Jace and Michael and I could honestly see him manipulate Jace little by little and I wanted to scream at Jace. You shouldn't trust him. And He's not your father. I wanted to do that in the books too.

I want to see Clary and Jace discuss what they found out because it's a big deal and I want to see them react to it. I'm also wondering how Valentine gets his hands on the cup so we can begin the second season. I really hope we get six seasons with all the six books story lines covered.

I love Magnus more and more. I love how Izzy and Magnus hugged after the trial, I like that they're bonding. And I hope Alec doesn't go through with the wedding.

I wonder if we meet Ragnor and if so will he be green? I know we don't meet him in the TMI series (we do in TID and Bane Chronicles) but it would be nice to see him and Catarina Loss.

Anyways. I'm really scared about the next episode and what Alec does. I think that's the make or break point for my love for Alec.

May the Angel bless you!

Descensus facilis Averno est

PS. #ShadowhuntersFandomUnited

Shadowhunters: S01E10 This World Inverted


Let's just begin at the end! WTH! Jace! OMG! Mind blown! What the hell happened? I'm confused. I'm warning you from here on, you will be spoiled, book and TV show! PS. All the books.

Was that Michael? Or was it Valentine glamoured as him? Is Jace still a Herondale? Did Valentine have a hand in his upbringing? What the hell is happening? I'm on board if he never thinks Valentine is his father 'cause if that were true I have a bad feeling that I'd go crazy when the TV characters find out the truth.

This episode gave an AU (Alternate Universe) view of our favorite characters. I think in this alternate universe, Johnathan should've been there. Also. Are we even going to meet him this season? I hope so. And I am excited to see how the TV makes him out to be. It kind of reminded me of fanfictions! I love fanfictions!

We saw how Clace would be in an alternate world. It was nice. I really hope that the Jace from that universe doesn't break up with Clary from that universe. And I hope Magnus explains everything.

Anyways. What was Alec thinking? Breaking a parabatai bond? Really? If that could happen, wouldn't Julian and Emma do it? I mean. I'm in Lady Midnight mindset right now. I really hope they make it that series. Sorry. Off topic.

Anyways. That was just so out of character for Alec. It doesn't matter. During their ceremony, they promised, where you go I follow. Again, got that from Lady Midnight. It's just they seem more best friends than Parabatai. I mean it should be against his nature to side against his parabatai, his brother in arms. It's heartbreaking to see him do that.

I'm scared Alec would actually go through with the wedding. The perfect opportunity to call off his engagement and he refuses. What are you thinking Alexander Gideon Lightwood? Do you want me to kill you. I just saw the promo pics of his wedding and I was so scared. I really wish we don't ever experience that. I don't want it! Malec!

Next topic. Simon being the creepy serial killer. Perfect. That scene was so on point. I was absolutely impressed. It's nice that Luke made it clear that he still loved Simon like a son. The poor boy just had his life turned upside down.

And the Clace scenes were amazing, especially in the alternate dimension. They're so cutesy and fun!

Oh and the Malec scene! It was like Magnus and Alec had their roles reversed. I kind of dig that.

Back to Clace. So, at the party when Magnus comes in and him and Clary sneak out, I was so sad about Jace. And then his reaction to the demon. He was shaking! Literally shaking! WTH! And then our Jace travels through and get hurt. Poor Jacey.
And his meeting with Valentine! Oh my god! (In Janice voice)
He was so flustered! It was cute. And I love that him and Simon were friends in this episode. And their handshake!

Oh and Izzy the nerd! I loved it. She was so goofy and funny and Sizzy was perfect. I'm really worried about when that happens in the real world. We have three more episodes left. Are we going to get Sizzy, cause Simon and Clary are still not dealt with and Izzy seems genuinely interested in Meliorn.

Anyways. Great episode. Hope to see the alternate universe again!

May the Angel bless you!

Descensus facilis Averno est

PS. #ShadowhuntersFandomUnited

Shadowhunters: S01E09 Rise Up


Okay. I'll start by saying Alberto is such a fantastic actor. He did such a great job in this episode. He plays such a convincing vampire. I love the way he portrays his shift in role as Clary's best friend to being the linchpin that causes the Downworlders to unite. Because that's what he is. Even though he is a vampire, he maintains a great relationship with humans, shadowhunders and even werewolves.

And the blood. Blood isn't that thick, it was obvious that it was juice. I mean the density was obvious but you could also kind of see the particles. Yeah, I know I'm neurotic.

In this episode, we see a struggle between the choices the characters have to make. Simon has to choose to accept his fate and embrace it. Jace, Izzy and Alec had to choose sides. They had to choose whether or not they were going to go against everything they were taught.

That fight scene between Jace and Alec was amazing, I'm glad Alec got to beat Jace up a little. He deserved to, Jace was always walking all over him and telling him what to do. I think that had a lot to do with Alec's choice. I think he was afraid to be seen as his parents were.

I do feel that Clary isn't being all that understanding about Jace. He literally drops everything for her and risks everything for her and she can't ask him how he's doing with everything going on. I want them to have a heart to heart in the next episode and I want her to listen for once.

I loved the Clace scenes in this episode though. The kiss was great! Also, the scene where Jace goes all protective when they are looking through her room, Not that kind of cup! So like Jace to be protective of Clary. I also liked the look on his face when she hugged Si, proves he's jealous!

I think the relationship developing between Clace in the TV show is very different from the books but it is still great. We're seeing them in a new light and I like it. I'm kind of scared about Valentine and Jace thing. I don't want that to happen. I'm also curious about how that could happen, check my previous review to see what I mean. But there is an episode called Blood to Blood and that scares me.

Magnus. Poor Magnus. I feel so bad for him. The poor thing.
Magnus is a lot more vulnerable in the TV Show and that makes me protective about him. I felt so heartbroken when Alec said he was marrying Lydia. Come on Alec! Don't be an idiot!

I think Lydia is manipulating Alec with her stories about her ex. I know that's probably not what they're saying but it's what it feels to me.

Anyways. I'm excited about the next episode. Hoping for more Clace!

Oh who else is excited about Lady Midnight! My copy is coming tomorrow even though the book comes out on 13 March in my country!

May the Angel bless you!

Descensus facilis Averno est

PS. #ShadowhuntersFandomUnited

Shadowhunters: S01E08 Bad Blood


Okay. Why don't we start with Alec. Have mentioned how I loved his character before? Well, right now, right at moment, I'm pissed at him.

He proposed to Lydia Branwell! Crazy idiot. How could he do something to get in the way of Malec. Malec is endgame. And in case you forgot Alec, you're gay. And I love you for that and you are meant to be with Magnus Bane. The High Warlock of Brooklyn!

I'm calm now. So. That was what my biggest issue with this was. It doesn't mean that the episode was bad. On the contrary, it was amazing. We heard Jace's story about the falcon. And honestly Dom did a great job. You could see the his pain, you could feel it.

I have a confession to make. I've trying to figure out Jace's eye color for a while. I mean I've seen Dom's eyes and they're gorgeous with the blue and the brown. To be honest, I prefer that over Jace's signature gold. And I know this was pointless, but I just had to mention it.

I didn't quite understand what Clary told Simon's mom. I mean she obviously didn't tell her Si was dead, right?

And I felt so bad for Clary in this episode. I'm trying to understand how much guilt and pain she must be feeling about Simon's death.

Simon absolutely freaked out when he woke up and thought that scene was perfect. You could see how terrified he was of what was happening and what he became.

I liked that Jace was consoling Clary. I don't know why but those small scenes where the characters are affectionate to each other are so perfect to me.

Speaking of Clace, what the hell is up with the kiss. What happened after? It just seemed like they pretended like it didn't happen. But it did. And in the next episode, according to the promo, there is another kiss, you know, Jace kissed Clary telling her to be careful. How did Jace react when Clary kissed him?

And now to another thing that really stuck out to me. All the non book readers should skip the next part 'cause it could end up being a huge spoiler.

When Lydia walks in as Valentine, Alec immediately recognizes her as Valentine and shoots, right? How the hell does he know how Valentine looks? And if he knows then so does Jace. So does that mean that we won't have the whole misunderstanding about Jace and Clary's relationship. Ya know. That.

I mean if he were raised by Valentine and thought it was his dad, and if Alec and the others know how Valentine looks, that must mean Jace did too, so he would have told Clary. He wouldn't kiss her. He is too good. And he shows no indication of that being true. So maybe he was raised by Valentine in Michael Wayland's skin. It's too complicated and I'm over analyzing it.
Maybe in the TV Show, Valentine never raised Jace and we don't have the problem.
*Spoiler Over!*

If that is, let me tell you I'll be the happiest person on earth. I never really liked it even if it wasn't real.

Let's go back to Malec.

I'm pretty sure the Lydia engagement is temporary and Malec is endgame, I mean there is an episode called Malec. I'm just worried.

And now, I want to know about the best forensic pathologist. When did Izzy become a forensic pathologist, much less the best. I'm not saying she can't be. She's smart. But I would assume something like this would've been addressed beforehand.

Anyways. I'm quite psyched about the next episode, especially since the promo showed the Clace kiss. I bet you can guess who my OTP is.

May the Angel bless you!

Descensus facilis Averno est

PS. #ShadowhuntersFandomUnited

Shadowhunters: S01E07 Major Arcana


So the episode begins with Jace, Clary and Magnus discussing the mortal cup. Magnus’s comparison of Valentine getting the cup with BeyoncĂ© riding a dinosaur through times square was like something that book Magnus would do.

Then Luke came in and said he had it and it all seemed so easy.

Also, Magnus giggling! That was perfect.

Then the scene with Simon and Maureen. Hell no. It was supposed to be Izzy.

Then he sees Clary. And then he screws up by calling Maureen Clary. WTF. And he sprints from there.

Then we end up at the NYPD. I was confused about why Luke was kind of arrested.

What the hell is up with Jace’s binocular vision?

I’m a little surprised by how attached Izzy is to Meliorn. He’s just supposed to be one of the many. I get that the reason behind my criticism is the continuous comparisons but I can’t help it.

I liked the scene between Alec and Izzy. I love their relationship. They seem to actually care about each other and truly seem like family.

That Clace scene in storage closet seemed so suggestive especially after what Izzy said. And the whole 10% thing that Clary says reminded me of the scene in the book where she slapped Jace.

That scene was nice.

And then Simon at Java Jones. It was weird. He was acting so paranoid and jumpy. It was nice seeing his transformation since we never saw that in the books. The barista remembering Clary reminded me of the end of City of Heavenly Fire.

The IA officer kind of reminded me of Robert, I don’t know why.

The demon pox reference! It was amazing!

Jace’s reaction to being slapped was hilarious. He’s such a cocky guy that he can’t fathom a girl even faking dislike! Alec has never slapped me. I have a plan and no one will be slapped.

I felt bad for the Captain. Her death was unfair but necessary.

Then we saw Simon with his family. I’m afraid he’ll tell them about it all. I actually like his mother and sister. They’re nice. The whole breaking the table was awesome!

How the hell did Alaric not see Jace and Clary? He’s a werewolf. Downworlders can see through the glamour. I mean Luke just said it! Okay, so they hid. I’m writing it as I’m watching it so some of this may be premature.

I’m still getting used to the runes hurting.

Clary pulled the cup out of the card at the perfect moment. I love that it wasn’t instantaneous and was done at the right time. And I love that Clary was able to know that the demon wasn’t Jace.

Okay, so let’s skip everything and jump to the end. No! What happened to the midnight flower?

I loved that scene between them. It was cute and passionate and beautiful. Perfect.

I loved Clace in this episode. They seemed to be more real in this.

I wish Clary paid more attention to Simon. He's her best friend and I get that she has a lot going on but so does he. She dragged him into this world and the least she can do is give a damn!

Also. The ending. I felt so sorry for Simon! He's just so sweet and amazing and it was so sad what happened to him.

May the Angel bless you!

Descensus facilis Averno est

PS. #ShadowhuntersFandomUnited